For Rose........X

Funny you ask about tired eyes and covering them up.  My somewhat recent take on this is that I think we are young now. When we look back, at 45-50, we will say, 'Wow we were young and why did we cover up our youth with makeup?' 

I stopped wearing so much makeup because I felt like I looked the same but older with makeup and cuter without.

I embrace my under eyes but treat and deflect them.

So........everyday and night, eye cream. I love the Murad below because my skin drinks it, I don't use the puffs that come with them.  

The five eye creams below, I have all used and love.  Anything gel, refrigerate them.

Murad Eye Lifting Serum Treatment

After skincare, I apply my foundation and leave under my eyes blank.  I apply the TOM FORD underneath my eyes and down my nose.  Then I take the MAC 190 brush and pat (flat side on face) and mend the foundation and lustre cream together, so you don't see a divide.

The creams below have is a sheen that bounce light,  I like the way the light deflects it and makes you look moist rather them dry and concealed. 

For those who have dark, dark eye bags, mix a tiny of a lustre cream with your foundation and pat with the foundation brush.


I use this twice a week.  Leave them in your fridge.