Buenos dias!!

Life is so good, moves so quickly.  This, I've known for a long time, so much so that I make my children relish every moment.  So I take the normal, the daily, the boring, the highs, the lows, the ride and cherish my time, my life.  While I'm in these simple moments with my best friends at six in the morning, I am present.  Don't wait for the games to begin........

The Liquid Diet




Grand Velas Los Cabos

Part II, III and IV to come shortly........



Add to cart........

Affordable beauty that works.  I'm all for saving money where you can.  I like to do a search and review on products because I know what works.  

I think I'm wired this wardrobe and my beauty products, I mix high and low.

The Jordana Glow N' Go is my new effortless highlighter.  Really golden and sexy.  I love 02 & 03!!  The one in the pic is 02 :))

I can't live without my 113's!!  If these are too long for you, try these!!  Shorter in length but still fluffy!

3 Minute Miracle.....oldie but goodie.  Very little is all you need.  When conditioning, the scalp does not need much at all, makes it oily.  I like to give my top the left overs from the bottom. 

Last but not least.....these face wipes are fantastic!!  Smells fresh and clean, soft as you would think Kleenex would be and wipes off makeup like a champ.