How I get dressed....

I always start with one article whether it be shoes, top, this case it was my new denim at the time.  I know I love pieces when I wear them straight away.  

Then I factor in the environment I will be in...dinner, lunch, outside, inside, walking, company, etc...This particular day, it was day and I was in LA and kinda breezy.  So day in LA means flats 95% of the time.  I wanted to play my ass rip down so I paired it with a loose, light-colored sweater.  The rest was cake, Hermes Slides and Balenciaga Bag.

It's important to love every individual piece you own.  Then your wardrobe is intentional.  Intentional is deliberate, that allows you to hoane in on your taste.  Taste creates style. 

Style to me... is when you know exactly what you are doing, precisely and consistently.


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