For T……..Contact Anna for my chain, it’s available in yellow and white gold. I love both, it is delicate in looks but has a lot of sparkle/shine for such a dainty piece.

One was too basic for me. I purchased two and layered them at different lengths: ))


I always work with one salesperson when shopping in boutique stores. I like experts, their knowledge and the art of the entire experience. I think it’s important to work with one salesperson that you trust in both judgement and taste. In time they will understand your style and can recommend accordingly. They will also learn who you are as a client and will always do their best to take care of any need or issue that may possibly arise.

I’ve been working with my Cartier Salesperson for over 10 years. As of late, I order everything from her via email. I highly recommend Anna for everything Cartier. She is super tasteful, calm and represents the brand in the best way.

Tell her you found her through me, she’s fantastic!!



199 Grant Avenue

San Francisco CA 94108

(415) 397=3180

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