Use the Kerastase oil all over but avoid the roots.

take a dime size of the gel and use all over.

Take front and side bangs out and brush back the rest and clip it.

Blow dry front with your brush and rough dry with blow dryer.

Use the round brush and blow dry inward/down.

Find your part.

Blow dry inward/down on the right side.

Then blow dry the same side with the brush moving outward and pulling the curl vertically down. while twirling it.

Then repeat on the other side.

Repeatt until you reached your desired wave.

Then spray and push it back, it falls.

I drop the back down a few times, let it air dry and then brush it slick and clip it back it.

The brushing along with the products allows your hair to air dry in a maintained, easy wave.

Video by Violet Kim