My Daughter just graduated high school this past June.  

I took her to get her eyes and nose done one week after.  

My choice, not hers.

The plan went well........

Ballet and tap at 3. 

Start piano at 5.  

Go to Korean School to learn my native tongue. 

Have outstanding manners.  

Get straight A's.  

Be an awesome, solid girl.  

Play a sport.  

Get into a great college.  

Get a nose job and her eyes done after high school.  

My list continues........

Daughter is super happy with her results.  

I told Dr. Kim to do what he feels on her eyes (Asians cut the lid to make the eyes larger) and go aggressive on her nose.  Higher and thinner, poised. 

SK Plastic Surgery

239 S. La Cienega Blvd . Suite 102

Beverly Hills , CA 90211


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