I've been spray tanned plenty. Never got obsessed because of the aftermath.  Always gorgeous in the beginning and then a week and a half so later, the slough begins.  The uneven departure of your last weeks golden tan.

My good friend Gil (Jil) has been spraying for some time now. We finaaally made the time and sprayed last Friday.  It's Monday today and I've been waiting honestly since Thursday for my tan to do something  Like go away, unevenly - that it did not.  My tan has been evenly fading since Sunday.  i shower everyday, sometimes twice and sweat a ton.  I'm very impressed.

If you ever need a boost in life or a spay tan, call Gilce. 

*Smells fine, not sticky, no complaints.

*Also, every bride should have a spray tan - even the lowest dosage of color.  It's just so appeasing to the eye and necessary.