Stay sexy Ladies........

I self tan twice a week.  Hope this helps........X

Make sure your hair is tied and not dripping water.

Body needs to be exfloiated and completely dry.

Apply section by section.

Spread in each section then pat in and mend.

Light handed, it applies darker.

When you rub hard, the product goes away.

Don't stress about your back, get what you can but get you neck, shoulders and ass (no one likes a white ass).

Lightly brush over knees, ankles, elbows and hands because the skin is thicker in those areas and too much ST will make it look dirty.

Don't get wet for two hours or so.

I wash it off in the morning.

I like to self tan in front of a fan so it drys as I apply.

No need to wash the mitt until the third or fourth use.


VITA Liberata 'phenomenal' Tan Mousse Mit

Video by Violet Kim


Please excuse my blood shot eyeball, it was quite the situation........X