IMG_6133Ardell Dark Adhesive Lashtite Ardell Long Individuals

Ardell LashFree Eyelash Adhesive Remover


- do not curl your lashes

- apply mascara

- with tweezers remove the individual lash, pulling from the middle body of the lash

- drop the glue onto a piece of paper

- lightly tap the front half  body of the individual with glue

- lay the individual on your lashes

- I like to start in the middle

- I do sparse spaces on the left eye, then the right

- I come back to the first eye and fill in, then the other eye

- Spaces are necessary because the individuals are wet and if one moves (if they were stacked next to each other) then they all move!

and that would be a dammm bitch! I've done it many times over!

- this glue does not wash off, the lashes will stay on for a few days - remover is best to remove the lash

- not challenging at all - just think of laying the individual on your lash bed instead of to the skin (eyelid)