The contents in my gym bag remain. I keep all my toiletries in a large gallon ziplock so I can see easily find my products. Organization is a must, it helps me move forward towards the next discipline. That's a whole other story :))

Start somewhere, hope this helps :))


GIVE-WY57_V1my gym bag

_10115903my toner

I love cause it's a spray and it is soothing after my workout :))

_8371912my daytime moisturizer

_6796949my brush

_9117990my blow dry brush

in case I need to smooth or blow dry my hair

_8851446my hair oil

I carry two body scents in my gym bag - depending how I feel - sexy or fresh  :))


get the larger one, the small one is glass and it will leak


I use this lotion year round, been using this for yearssssss :))

41r4xBvI8bLmy gym lock

3130YNpEi8Lmy ear phones

31LrKfHNS6Lmy coffee thermo

I have three :))

and water

and a tampon

and my makeup bag